Homage to Madame

Beautiful and All Powerful Madame MERCEDES,
Every slave has one dream. To find the perfect Mistress.i like other slaves saw a few Mistresses and most were good and in one case great, but there was always something missing.i had to go to Berlin on business and looked at German Mistress sites on the internet. One site was head and shoulders above the others. At Studio Avalon, all the Mistresses looked terrific, but one alone seemed to overpower me with Her Beauty and Power from my computer screen.
Domina MERCEDES fabulous image seemed to be ordering me to appear before Her. i phoned and was lucky and privileged to talk to Lady MERCEDES Herself. i knew from that soft but commanding voice that i must pay homage to Her. The Madame's English was very good and She gave me the honour of serving Her the next week.
On that fateful day,a beautiful Mistress admitted me to Studio Avalon and took me to a dark room. i was very nervous at the thought of being in the presence of Mistress MERCEDES and shivered with anticipation. This increased as i heard the sharp tapping of stilletto heeled boots outside the door. Suddenly it opened and in came a vision of Dominant Power and Elegant Beauty. i fell to my knees and caught a quick glimpse of Her Beautiful face which combined a stern look and a slight wicked smile. Her gorgeous blond hair was so Exquisitely styled. Madame MERCEDES was wearing an awesome black leather outfit, the long leather skirt slit to reveal just a glimpse of gorgeous sheer black stockings and the most fantastic shiny black leather high heeled boots.Mistress MERCEDES had me crawl after Her and ordered me in a quiet but commanding voice to change, lock up my clothes in a locker and wait for Her on my knees .
i trembled on my knees, then the door opened and an elegant gloved hand fixed a collar round my neck. i crawled behind those fabulous boot heels and followed Madame MERCEDES to the most amazing room. It was huge with so many different implements of restraint and torture and on the walls so many canes, riding crops, whips, chains, handcuffs and other devices. Mistress allowed me the privilege of worshipping Her boots from heel to toe and then chained me to a frame. Lady MERCEDES stood in front of my completely restrained body and i had the honour of smelling the exquisite perfume as She was only inches from me. Madame MERCEDES voice stern powerful but softly spoken, explained that i must be punished to become a better slave and She would use any cane , crop , paddle or whip that She wished. The combination of Her BEAUTY, Power and amazing voice had me in agony and ecstasy.
Mistress MERCEDES released me from the frame and made me lay on a long elegant black leather bench with many ropes, chains and pulleys. She skillfully chained and tied me down so i could not move an inch . i was experiencing the greatest slave session of my life and as i gazed at my Mistress in the mirror, Her beauty and power made me want to throw myself at Her feet, but i could not move. Lady MERCEDES allowed me to kiss Her favourie cane and then gave me the most skillfull caning i had ever had. She then restrained my cock and balls in chains and came back to allow me to kiss Her riding crop before flogging me again with skill and elegance. All the time that fabulous soft but stern voice telling me i had to be punished.
Later, Mistress MERCEDES stood in front of me and gave me the ultimate privilege of kissing Her beautiful gloved hand. Then She raised Her leg to give me the honour of kissing Herawesome black boots again. Punishment continued with an array of instruments of correction and the mixture of being flogged, restrained and at the mercy of the most Beautiful and Powerful Mistress took me to Heaven and back again.
Studio Avalo0n is the best equipped and most elegant Mistress Chambers i have ever seen. But much more than that, i had at last found the Mistress of my dreams. Madame MERCEDES has every thing---Beauty, Dominant Power, Elegance, extreme skill with restraint and punishment and a voice that has me trembling and loning to serve Her. Yes, i am now one of that small group of slave who has founf perfection and perfection's name is DOMINA MERCEDES .