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by David

My most Beautiful and Powerful Mistress has ordered me to write this report of my experiences in Berlin so that ALL men should know their true place, on their knees!! It all began when I was on a long vacation in Berlin. I had time on my hands and was sitting, drinking a coffee on Kant Strasse. As I sat there, many women were passing by. Women of all nationalities and as a long time admirer of the female sex, I found myself looking more and more at these wonderful ladies. Unfortunately I became aroused and when I stood up to pay for my coffee, my erection was plain to see. Two women shouted at me and pointed at me calling me a pervert and a tall policewoman who was passing grabbed my arm and handcuffed me.
She and another strong policewoman pushed me in their car and I was driven straight to the local court. Before I knew what was happening, a lady magistrate appeared and I was ordered to stand, the two policewomen either side of me. The women from outside the cafe told the stern faced magistrate that I had sexually harrassed them and the two policewomen agreed. When I tried to explain that I was sorry for getting excited, but had no idea of upsetting the women, the magistrate stood up in her long severe black gown and told me to be silent. She said she had no choice but to have me locked up for 3 months for being a threat to innocent women. I begged her to release me but she ordered me to be taken straight to prison .
Then, a voice from the rear of the court spoke in a soft but commanding voice. Everybody turned to see who was this mystery lady. She was beautiful, with lovely blond hair and the most elegant jacket and black skirt. Her high shiny black boots glistened under the lights in the courtroom . The stern magistrate called this gorgeous lady to the front and asked her to speak. "You are a highly respected person in Berlin" said the magistrate, " Please, Madame Mercedes let us know your opinion" Lady Mercedes spoke again, softly but with great authority. " This pathetic boy is on holiday in our city and I feel it would be better to have him working in an environment where he can learn to totally respect all women rather than sit around in prison wasting tax payers money" All the women in the court including the lady magistrate and the two police women stood up and applauded Lady Mercedes. " I will take charge of him and believe me, after one month he will have complete respect for all females and will learn to control his lust."Said the beautiful Madame Mercedes.
" You are a credit to our city" said the stern magistrate to Lady Mercedes. I tried to ask who is this Lady Mercedes but the Two policewomen handcuffed me again, fixed a chain to the handcuffs and gave it and the keys to the beautiful lady who led me out to Her car and pushed me into the boot. Five minutes later, I was taken out of the boot and led up some steps into a most gorgeously decorated apartment. The door slammed shut and I was ordered to my knees. When I hesitated and tried to ask where I was, Madame Mercedes grabbed a long thin cane and proceeded to cane my bottom and legs until I sank to my knees. "From now on, David, you will do my bidding immediately. You will not speak unless I give permission. Do you understand ?" said the Beautiful Lady. I nodded my head and put my head down even lower. "You are my slave now David. You will learn true respect for the Superior sex AND you will learn to control your disgusting lust. There will be no erections unless I give you permission. Your real education is about to begin".

 I had no idea where I was. Who was this beautiful yet powerful lady with that cane that had stung my legs and bottom? As if She had read my mind, Lady Mercedes spoke. " You are in Studio Avalon and you will only speak when I give you permission. You will address me as Madame Mercedes. Do you understand?" I nodded and Madame Mercedes struck me six times with Her cane. " You will address me as I said. Now do you understand?" Yes Madame Mercedes" I answered.
" Not so difficult is it David. Now undress and shower over there, you have three minutes" said the beautiful lady.
I undressed quickly and jumped under the shower while Madame Mercedes observed me, a smile on her gorgeous face. I dried myself with a towel and seeing Madame's finger pointing to the ground, I fell to my knees completely naked in front of Her. " You are beginning to learn" She said. Although I was scared particularly of the cane in Madame's elegant hand, the sight of Her beauty meant my nakedness could not hide a growing erection and I covered myself with my hands and apologised for my state. "You are weak and that is why you are here. You will learn only to have an erection when I order it. but until then, to keep you under control, you will wear this chastity belt" Madame Mercedes said. She opened a large box and took out a harness with a single metal cuff and a six inch metal tube. She ordered me to my feet and handcuffed my hands to a rail above my head and fixed my legs far apart to shackles. Madame then fixed the leather harness round my waist forced my penis into the metal tube and snapped the single metal cuff tight around my balls . A leather strap was then fastened to the cuff and was locked by a gold key. " Until you learn complete control over your lust, you will wear this . So, no unsightly erections to upset ladies and of course, you cannot touch or play with yourself " said Beautiful Lady Mercedes with a smile. " Now, down on your knees and thank me ". I knelt down and said "I thank You Lady Mercedes for putting me under Your control" . She told me that I was learning fast. " Now, you are in your chastity belt, you are ready to meet the rest of the ladies that you will serve and obey" said Madame Mercedes and She rang a bell.

A door opened and in walked a group of beautiful dominant ladies. I had never seen such gorgeous yet powerful females and remembering Lady Mercedes words, I said nothing but stayed on my knees, naked apart from the chastity belt She had locked around me. Fabulous though these ladies were, none was as beautiful as Madame Mercedes who spoke. "Ladies, this is slave david who is here to learn true respect and humility. If any of you see he is not doing exactly as he is told, you must punish him immediately. He has no self control yet, so he will wear this chastity belt at all times, unless I release him".The ladies nodded approval and I was ordered to kiss each boot or shoe that they wore on their well manicured feet.
"Now slave david " said Madame Mercedes, " You will be caned and beaten by each of these Mistresses in turn so you learn your true place in Studio Avalon" I was taken to another room and was strapped so tightly to an elegant black leather bench that I could not move at all. Madame Mercedes sat in front of me , extending a beautiful long shiny booted foot. "You may kiss my boot and I want you to take your punishment well, so you can be worthy to be my personal slave" said Lady Mercedes. I kissed her elegant boot and felt a strange feeling running through my body. I had begun to adore and worship this beautiful lady who had saved me from prison and I promised to do my best to be worthy of becoming Her slave.
One after another, the gorgeous ladies beat me. First with straps, then with small whips, A riding crop and last with canes. I found the pain too much and cried for mercy, but Lady Mercedes told them to continue and the strange mixture of pain being inflicted by lovely Mistresses was confusing my mind. I told myself that I must endure this to serve Madame Mercedes. At last, the punisment stopped and I was released from the leather bench. "You will now thank all these ladies for your punishment and kiss their feet" said my beautiful Mistress . With great effort, I sank to my knees and one by one,I first thanked each lady and kissed their feet. They left the room and Lady Mercedes ordered me to my feet. " Let's see if you have learnt a little self control boy " She said and unlocked my chastity belt . She took my cock and balls in a black gloved hand and despite all my efforts I swelled to erection. " You seem to have learnt nothing david. I am dissapointed in you . You will take a quick shower and then back into the chastity belt. Your real tasks begin tomorrow" Smiled the beautiful Madame Mercedes.

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