About me

Right from the beginning I felt a deep understanding for fantasies and the lust to live them. So I jumped ahead and followed my instincts and my calling...

I am a trained nurse, so I was more than predestinated for my eccentric enterprise. I know very well what a body can take and what not. And I would never do something what would cause a permanent damage -- even if the slave wants it.

I love to act in secrecy. I like the silence and the reflection, which require the right scale. For me, the Studio Avalon and the Residenz Avalon are mystical places where I breath magic and charisma. It is dark and discreet -- the perfect place for a bizarre staging. I share a secret with my counterpart and trust is the key to a joyful scene -- and this is indeed a very intimate moment.

Of course I did not became a perfect dominatrix in one day -- it took years. Years in which I matured in the art of domination. Even today there is no scene where I do not learn something. But I can say with pride: All the years of sessions and operating experience made me the person which I am today: A Mistress with passion, intuition, and integrity. I have real leadership qualities and my instinct for staging is unexcelled.

I love the silent, keen mood in a session. I am delighted when I see the intense and real feelings in a scene. Again -- the more my counterpart is willing to trust, the more intense is the experience for both of us.

It is enchanting to play with someone who is able to abandon himself to me with a certain easiness. I know that is not the choice for everyone -- therefor I am a sensitive and experienced dominatrix. I know very quickly how to deal with a slave. And when I scratch just a little bit on his surface, I am satisfied... I just practice what I like for myself. There are some practices I do not do: Scat, Nazi fantasies, brutal scenes with no connection to SM

My world is full of rituals that begin when the slave welcomes me. I appreciate obedience and demand respectful behavior. Besides that I am not a inapproachable, I am friendly and have a good sense of humor. I love luxury, am interested in the events of the day, travel a lot and I am curious about what I do not know. It is my ambition to get to know my guests -- and not to be interested in what is written on their business cards. And I am very loyal and abiding. I have known many of my guests for ages.

But there is my dark side: Unpredictable, sadistic, mean and taunting. Just one merciless glance into your slave-soul and I am a powerful detractor. I love the play with little evil beastliness. I enjoy your discomfort with a sweet smile. And if you evoke my anger I will be a vicious opponent: A intractable slave awakes my true cruelty.

With passion and conviction I am mistress in Berlin.